Hair Color

show your true color.

Have a beautiful new color in just one visit! A consultation with one of our stylists begins our coloring process. Then, the color of your choice is expertly applied to your clean hair and you will be transformed! We may see you for a color retouch as often as two to five weeks. Even if you’ve had the same hair color for a long while, we give you the option of change. (Haircut not included.)

Men’s hair color has really evolved! We have new and improved products that are only available to us specifically for our male clients. Turn back time with our new processes and techniques that get you out of the salon faster. (Haircut not included.)

With a color weave, we can add color into your hair to blend, accent, contrast, compliment or enhance your natural hair color. Choose from an endless variety of options from lighter to darker shades of blonde, brunette, red and even grey. Beautiful shine, beautiful color and beautiful hair!

Highlights are strategically applied through your hair to add extra dimensions of light in a multitude of shades to your hair color. Applications can look as natural as you like or, for a twist, add high contrast to your color that fits with current trends. Multiple choices are available for your selection.

Lowlights are applied strategically throughout your hair to work with your current color to add extra depth and richness to your color. Lowlights may also be used to heighten contrast as current style trends show or they can even minimize the appearance of graying hair.

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